Sunday, January 18, 2009

~Missing Dave~

Dave has been away at the cabin nearly every weekend for 10 months so it's been precious time away from the girls and the girls are really starting to feel it. There have been alot of tears lately about feeling like they have no time w/ Daddy anymore. I know it's been hard on Dave, too. It's hard to explain to the girls that building this cabin is something Daddy is doing for our family - they are young and they just want him to stay home. We miss him and can't wait for the cabin to be done so we can all spend our weekends together again.

The cabin has to be done by April 1st so Dave only has a little over two months to go and we are really getting excited! Dave is finishing up the electrical this weekend and next weekend he is getting all the tongue and groove inside the cabin to put it on the walls and ceilings -yea!

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