Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~Blog name~

So, what's w/ the blog name, you may wonder?! Well, I had heard the phrase in a PINK song - I love PINK!!! But naming the blog the same came about from a conversation I had w/ Brenna. We were talking about her negative attitude that she can have at times...yes, we all know she gets this from me!! Yes, yes, I know this! I tend to look at the negative BEFORE I look at the positive and I have passed this on to my lovely daughter. Anyway, I picked her up from a playdate a few weeks ago and asked her how it went and she immediately went into the negative events of her day! I told her that there had to be some positive things that happened and that I would like to hear about those things. So, I went on to tell her that even when things aren't going great there is a ray of light somewhere in the situation and that we just have to look for that ray of light (the good stuff) even if it's just a tiny, little crack of sunlight - it may be the smallest, hard-to-notice, good thing but it is there. So, I decided to call the blog "Cracks of Sunlight"! And that's that!

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