Monday, September 22, 2008

~September Fun~

Helping Grandpa w/ the corn

Enjoying roasted marshmallows!

Making music!


Homeschool Picnic

Homeschool Nature Day

Nature Day at the pond!

It's been a jam packed September! We had a Labor Day cook out - the kids had fun helping my dad shucking corn and, of course, they loved roasting marshmallows.
Our homeschool group had a picnic at a park and we had a huge turn out which was nice - our group is really growing. We had a police officer come to the park to give a safety talk so that was great.
On another day our homeschool group went to a police station for a tour. They were even able to see the room where the 911 calls come in - it was pretty cool!
A couple weeks ago the girls attended Homeschool Nature Day and they loved it! It was a three and half hour class and they can't wait to do it again.
Last Monday we met up with our homeschool group and the kids did an art lesson, they did a few science projects, had story time using puppets to act out the story and they had play time w/ their friends.
I, also, posted a picture of the girls baking cookies - we made them from scratch for once instead of just buying the dough!! Brenna loves to bake! sShe is always making up her own recipes which she always makes me taste and I always do - no matter what it looks like!
The kids have their own band - The Four Body Waves - so I posted a picture of them putting a show on for me.
There is never a dull moment around here!!

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