Thursday, October 2, 2008

~Cruelty to Animals~

I LOVE dogs - I ADORE them! If I lived on a farm I would have fifty dogs! I will never understand how anyone can harm an innocent animal.

Yesterday Brenna, Aubree, Nic and Luc were in our backyard playing and then I heard a yelping of some sort and just as I got up to investigate what was happening Brenna starts screaming from the yard and ran into the house hysterical. She could barely breathe so it was hard to understand what she was trying to tell me but I could make out the words - "man", "dog", "beating", so I ran to the yard and the kids were pointing to a house two doors down. This man was beating his very small terrier dog with some kind of pole - I lost it!

As I said, I love dogs but, of course, I love my girls and my nephews more and not only was this man beating his helpless dog but, even worse, he was beating the dogs right in front of my kids. I SCREAMED to him, "You stop beating that dog-my kids can see you!" - He yells back, "Why don't you mind your own business?!" - I say, "Listen, (#*@%), you made it my business when you did this in front of my kids! I'm calling the cops!" - He yells back, "Go ahead, call the cops!". So, I did.

They cops arrive, they take my statement, they go to the guy's door, he denies doing it! The cops tells me that he knows the guy is lying but all they can do is give him a warning but if we witness this again - he will then get a $300 fine. WTF!?

So, basically, nothing at all was done to this guy! In the mean time, the poor dog is still living with this maniac AND my kids are traumatized! Brenna has been crying over this off and on since it happened because she can't get the vision out of her head. She can't understand why the police would leave the dog with such a horrible man. And she's right - the dog should be taken away from this man. He's a sicko - what is wrong with people!?!

I would like to get the chance to beat the man with a pole and see how he likes it!

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