Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~Holiday Traditions~

I love having holiday traditions! When we had Brenna I tried to come up w/ a few new ones for our family - some stuck, some didn't but I like the ones we ended up with. Every year we go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our own tree and it's so much fun. We pick out our tree and then we go the shop to have hot chocolate or apple cider and a snack. The last couple of years my parents buy the kids a little gift in the shop and, of course, they love that! We always take a family pic before leaving the farm - this is a must!!! After the tree farm we go home to bake and decorate Xmas cookies. This year we did a couple Xmas crafts, too. It's a day I look forward to every year.

We let the girls put the ornaments on the tree every year and they alternate years putting the Xmas star on top of the tree. There are usually bare areas where they didn't put ornaments and the star is usually crooked but we don't care. It's not about having a perfectly decorated tree - it's about letting the girls enjoy themselves and that makes the tree perfect, no matter how it looks!

Xmas Eve night we bake cookies for Santa and we put them out w/ a glass of milk so he can quench his thirst. The last couple of years Brenna has left a letter for Santa and he writes her a little note back which she loves!

Right before bedtime the girls sprinkle oats on the front lawn for the reindeer because they need a snack break, too!!!

Another thing we do every year is help a family in need. We donate a few gifts to a family who are less fortunate. We usually visit the family to drop off the gifts and it's wonderful to know we are helping and making a difference for a family.

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