Tuesday, August 24, 2010


It's been six years since we arrived home w/ our Aubree! Sometimes, it feels like a lifetime ago that we left our home in the U.S. to travel, so far away, to an unknown place - Ukraine. It was an exciting, and scary, time for us. We had to leave our precious Brenna (three years old, at the time) home w/ family while we traveled. Although we knew she was in good hands it was so hard for Dave and I to be separated from her, as we had never been away from her for more than one night, up to that point. I'll never forget pulling away from our house while she stood in the front yard waving good-bye - Dave and I had a total breakdown in the car...we wailed like babies! My poor dad (who was driving us to the airport) probably thought we were crazy. We were gone for 17 days - it was brutal for us being away from Brenna, but, of course, it was worth it because we found Aubree!!!!

Aubree completed our family. We struggled with infertility for three years trying to have a second child, and it was such a hard time for us, but Aubree was the beautiful miracle that came at the end of that struggle. It turned out that adoption was the answer for us, and I'm so glad we followed our hearts because we are so lucky to have Aubree.

We love you, Aubbie!!!!!

Aubree - this picture was taken just minutes after seeing her for the first time!
From Aubree - Home 6 Years

Aubree - today at 7 years old!
From Aubree - Home 6 Years


  1. What a gorgeous, happy looking little girl! You've done a great job!

  2. Our beautiful Aubs. We love you.

    Grandma and Grandpa