Monday, August 30, 2010


Brenna was AWESOME as the Red Queen in the Wonderland play!!! I am in awe of my daughter - she truly amazes me!!! This is a little girl who only five years ago would not let me out of her sight! She was very shy, and uncomfortable in big crowds!! There were many times when I had to drive from park to park to find one that wasn't too crowded for her! She hated being left at preschool, and would beg and cry all the way there to stay home. She wouldn't stay at friends' birthday parties unless I stayed with her - in fact, she made us leave one birthday party because there were so many kids, and she was just too overwhelmed!

I was told, many times, that I coddled her too much, and that I should force her to do things on her own even if she wasn't comfortable, but I NEVER listened - I went with my gut. And my gut told me that she wouldn't be like this forever - my gut told me that when she was ready she would go out on her own more. Sure enough, around the age of 7, she started taking baby steps toward being more independent, and today, at almost 10 years old, she has taken leaps - GIANT leaps - in her life! It's so great to see how much confidence she has in herself!! When Brenna is on that stage there is NO trace of that nervous, shy girl she was not so long ago. She is joy to watch, and I can't wait for her next performance!!!!!

Great job, Brennie!! We are so proud of you!!

The Wonderland All-Star Cast!

Brenna - the Red Queen, and Connor - the White Knight

Brenna in make-up

Brenna w/ the directors, Monica and Ashley

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  1. The Diva conquers again. Great performance Brenna. Love Grandma