Tuesday, November 23, 2010

*Thankful, so Thankful*

So, what am I thankful for this year? Family - my wonderful, beautiful family. I live for them, and I adore them. We're keeping the get together small this year - just a small gathering which will include my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, Dan, w/ their son, Frankie, and my uncle Bobby, and, of course, Dave, Brenna, Aubree, and myself. My nephews, Nic and Luc, will be at their dad's house this year, so they will be missed, and, most definitely, in our thoughts.

I'm looking forward to a very relaxed holiday of hanging out and talking, maybe playing a little Wii, and a couple board games, and, of course, as always, lots of laughter! We all have such a great time together, but, unfortunately, we don't get to do it often enough, so I will cherish our day together, and try to soak up every little bit of it, and, of course, be very thankful for it all!!!

And then Friday is our Shopping Day!! The guys - Dad, Dave, Dan, uncles Lito, Tony, and Bobby - go out shopping....well, I think, they mostly eat, and people watch all day long!! And I get to spend the day with my mom and my sister - I am so looking forward to a day alone with them!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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